Colony Homes was honored again with the 2015 Leadership in Homes award by ENERGY STAR. Colony Homes is proud to have been honored for each of the of the past 6 years as a top ENERGY STAR qualified builder. ENERGY STAR qualified homes are quieter, and more comfortable, can have lower utility bills, and help protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

What can  ENERGY STAR mean to you?

CONFIDENCE: Home buying is complex enough without having to know all the details of energy-efficient construction. Homes with an ENERGY STAR helps identify truly energy efficient homes.

LOWER OWNERSHIP COSTS:ENERGY STAR homes use less energy for heating and cooling - typically resulting in savings of $200-$400 compared to standard homes. This can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your home.

In some locations, homeowners can even qualify for better financing. Check with your local builder or retailer.

PERFORMANCE: ENERGY STAR homes helps ensure ensure consistent temperatures in your home, for better comfort.

In 2011, the evironmental impact of Colony Homes ENERGY STAR Qualified homes was the equivalent of:

  • saving 1,500,00 pounds of coal
  • planting 400 acreas of trees
  • saving the environment of over 2,500,000 pounds of carbon dioxide

 What does ENERGY STAR Qualified and ENERGY STAR Ready mean?

When our manufactured homes are built as ENERGY STAR Qualified, it means they have been built to meet the needs of ENERGY STAR. Independent agencies regularly work with us to make sure we are ENERGY STAR certified to build these homes.

An ENERGY STAR Qualified manufactured home is a home that has been designed, produced, and installed in accordance with ENERGY STAR's guidelines by an ENERGY STAR certified plant. Retailers and installers (including HVAC contractors) of manufactured homes play a critical role in assuring that these homes are properly installed. The retailer and installers must complete the home to the ENERGY STAR checklist. We are also required to have an independent Certifier periodically check no less than 2% of all ENERGY STAR installed homes.

The local retailer or installer will then place an ENERGY STAR label in the home.

Our modular homes can be built as ENERGY STAR Ready. The home is designed, built, and then installed in accordance to ENERGY STAR Ready. The local builder has to demonstrate the ability to consistently meet ENERGY STAR requirements, and establish specific inspection and testing procedures. This includes the use of independent third-parties who can verify and document the home has met all requirements. A sample of homes built by the builder is also extensively tested by third-parties. Once those tests or inspections are finished and approved/certified, the home becomes an ENERGY STAR Qualified home.

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